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Years ago this definition was used in the original Necroscope® printing in the UK by Grafton. (The jacket
with the nasty half flesh/halfbone skull and red spine.)

Why this definition never appeared in the US editions I don’tknow … it would have certainly answered
the question to all the US readers who wanted to know then and still want to know now.

Here is Brian Lumley’s definition of a
Necroscope® as taken from the inside of above mentioned book.

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Tele- (Gk. tele: ‘far’.) A telescope is an optical instrument which enlarges images of distant objects. For
example: the surface of the Moon may be viewed as from only a few hundred miles away.

Micro- (Gk.
mikros: ‘small’) A microscope is an optical instrument which makes small objects visible
to the human eye.  Through a microscope, a drop of ‘clear’ water is seen to contain countless
unsuspected micro-organisms.

Necro- (Gk.
nekros: ‘a corpse’) A Necroscope is a human instrument which permits access to the minds
of the dead. Harry Keogh is a
Necroscope – he knows the thoughts of corpses in their graves.

The main difference between these instruments is this: the first two perform purely physical, one-way
functions. They are incapable of changing anything. The Moon cannot look back through the telescope;
the amoeba does not know it is under microscopic scrutiny.

That’s Harry Keogh’s big problem: his talent seems to work both ways.
The dead know – and they
won’t lie still for it!
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