Not A Creature Was Stirring

Irving's Story
These are done in two formats and should be
good for all eReaders.

Crossroad Press ... Collections: Available everywhere.

Dagon's Bell and Other Discords, The Second Wish
and Other Exhalations, Return of the Deep Ones

This information remains static for reference.

∞ Subterranean Press E-Books: Pretty much ... if  not all of the books are available in e-format.

∞ UK E-BOOKS: Orion. Here is the link:

∞ USA E-BOOKS: All the following books are now available in the Kindle Store. Note to UK readers: If you have bought a kindle through you
have to buy the ebooks from the US site. On the top left of the page you have to make sure to change your “Country or Region” to the USA. You won’t get
any results if you use the United Kingdom location. If you continue to have problems, contact Amazon.

Necroscope Series:                              Titus Crow Series:                                  PsychomechSeries:                                                                      

∞ Necroscope                                        ∞  The Burrowers Beneath                   ∞ Psychomech                  
∞ Vamphyri!                                            ∞ The Clock of Dreams                          ∞ Psychosphere
∞ The Source                                         ∞  In the Moons of Borea                        ∞ Psychamok!
∞ Deadspeak                                          ∞ The Transition of Titus Crow
∞ Deadspawn                                         ∞ Spawn of the Winds
∞ Blood Brothers                                   ∞ Elysia
∞ The Last Aerie                                                                                                        
Dreamlands Series:
∞ Bloodwars
∞ The Lost Years                                   
Primal Lands:                                         ∞ Hero of Dreams
∞ The Lost Years Volume Two                                                                              ∞ Ship of Dreams                                                          
∞ lnvaders                                              
 The House of Cthulhu                       ∞ Mad Moon of Dreams
∞ Defilers                                                
 Tarra Khash: Hrossak!                     ∞ Iced on Aran
∞ Avengers                                            
∞  Sorcery in Shad                                            
∞ The Touch

Others:  ∞ Demogorgon ... ∞ Khai of Khem
Solaris/Rebellion: Now available in United Kingdom
and Australia at and