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APRIL 2018 Update...
Updates will only be done whenever there significant info to add. So I apologize if there's a long wait
from in between times.
MOVIE OPTION IN FORCE:  (All info is subject to change.)

Necoscope®: The  Movie:  There are things going on with this but nothing concrete as yet. As stated
Evolving Pictures has the option until November 2020. We have spoken to Glenn Hetrick, who has pretty
much made this his life's mission. I can tell you that Glenn has written a script that pretty much stays true to
the book. And we are in contact with someone at Lakeshore Entertainment who is another person that  wants
to see
Necroscope on one screen or another.

And as I always say ... when we know anything definite ... we'll pass it on...
Note: Some Books, T-Shirts and Merchandise are still for sale. Eventually I will try to get books for
sale on the site. I'm really bogged down and I w ant to do this but it is a matter of time....
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Crossroad Press Information:

Audios: With exception of the first three Necroscopes ® they will be doing pretty much all of Brian's books now. They will appear in every
country were they are permitted. Amazon, Audible, iTunes.

E-Books: They will appear on Amazon, etc any country where it's permitted. They aren't just available for Kindle. These are done in two
formats and should be good for all eReaders.

They will be doing Subterranean's Books everywhere but USA and Canada as they are already available there.

New: After all these years and long out of print ... they will be doing the Arkham House Books:  The Caller of the Black, The Horror at
and Beneath the Moors. These will come out in E-Book and Trade Paperback.

New: Gary Furlong is now working on Psychomech audio.
Dagon's Bell and Other Discords ... Collection: Kindle Edition ... 242 pages ... Crossroad Press ... July 13, 2017.

The Second Wish and Other Exhalations ... Collection: Kindle Edition ... 282 pages, Crossroad Press ... September 11, 2017.

Return of the Deep Ones ... Collection: Kindle Edition ... 337 pages ... Crossroad Press ... September 11, 2017.

Long out of print and only ever done in the UK. You'll can now find these in all the usual places.
Crossroad Press:

Iced on Aran:
Narrated by Jonathan Trueman ...
Artwork by Allen Koszowski. Unabridged: 7
hours 17 minutes.

And that concludes the Hero Series ... enjoy.
Solaris/Rebellion E-Book now available in United Kingdom and Australia. amazon.co.uk & amazon.au

Harry & the Pirates ... The Taint and Other Novellas ... Haggopian and Other Stories
Necroscope Audios: Macmillan Audio ... The delay on this was due to an error on the contract. This has now, hopefully, been rectified.
Anytime time now the first book ...  
Necroscope® will be available on all the Audible sites where they are permitted.
(I will be keenly keeping an eye on this to see that it's done in a timely manner.

New: Early this month James Langton will begin Vamphyri!. This is scheduled for a June release. (I will also be keeping an eye on this as well.)
Crossroad Press:

The Fly-By-Nights:
Narrated by Gary
Furlong ... Artwork by Bob Eggleton.
Unabridged: 6 hours 43 minutes.
Crossroad Press:

Psychomech: Narrated by Gary Furlong ... Artwork by Bob Eggleton. Unabridged: 11 hours 16 mins.