BRIAN LUMLEY: A Brief Biography
Brian Lumley was born on the north-east coast of England on 2nd December 1937. He began writing, relatively
late in life, in 1967 in Berlin, while a career Sergeant, a “lifer,” in the British army’s Corps of the Royal Military
Police. He produced his early work very much under the influence of the best of the Weird Tales authors, H.P.
Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard and Clark Ashton Smith, and his first stories and books were published by the then
“dean of macabre publishers,” August W. Derleth at the now legendary “Arkham House,” in Sauk City, Wisconsin.

Released by the Army back into civilian life (after serving at the RMP HQ as the Training Sgt. Major and
Administrative Warrant Officer), Lumley began a full-time writing career and five years later completed his
breakthrough novel, Necroscope®, featuring Harry Keogh, a hero for the Great Majority (the teeming dead), with
whom Harry, the Necroscope, was able to communicate as easily as with the living.

Necroscope® has now grown to
20 volumes, been published world-wide in many millions of copies, and will soon
add Japan to the present list of 13 countries. This list covers most of Europe; along with the Czech Republic and
Russia. Necroscope® is a Lumley trademark across Europe and the US, where a role-playing game, graphic novels,
quality figurines and many E- and Audio-books have been created from the much-loved series.

Along with the books of the Necroscope® series, Lumley is the author of more than
40 additional novels/novellas
and/or collection titles; he is also the winner of a “British Fantasy Society” short story award for Fruiting Bodies,
a “Fear Magazine’s Award” for Necroscope®: The Source, a “Lovecraft Film Festival Association’s ‘Howie,’” for his
Lovecraftian work, the World Horror Convention’s prestigious “Grand Master Award,” and “The Horror Writers’
Association’s ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’”... and also, most recently, another “Lifetime Achievement Award”
from The World Fantasy Convention.

For seven years Lumley’s American wife, Barbara Ann, ran a small convention, a gathering of friends and fans in
general, dedicated to her husband’s work. Alas that this friendly get-together had to come to an end when the
venue, The Sheddon Hall Hotel, a beach-front hotel in Torquay, Devon, UK, was sold in 2007.

Although he is no longer (or seldom) found writing novels, Brian keeps busy with short stories and novellas, news
of which is available on websites at in the What's Happening link.

You can also find information on Brian at; as well as on Facebook. Facebook is Brian
Lumley, and Barbara Ann Lumley and IMDB.

Brian no longer does the conventions.
About Us
A 1967 graduate of Glen Burnie High School in Maryland, Barbara Ann received a diploma in the Commercial
Business Course. Before settling down in any one specific field, she spent several working at The Mercantile Safe
Deposit & Trust Bank in Baltimore, then worked as a temp and as a result benefited from all kinds of diversified
training. This period included work at Eastern Petroleum in Glen Burnie, at the Westinghouse Corporation in
publishing in Linthicum, and five years at Exxon in the Towson Accounting Center, doing work in the secretarial
pool as well as doing statistical typing. When the accounting center relocated she declined an offer of further work
in Houston.

One half of her 26 year career before moving to the UK was spent in publishing. She worked for Technical
Typesetting in Arbutus for 15 years. This was typing text and mathematical equations and doing pagination for
journals for the likes of electronic and electrical engineers, chemistry, combustion and flame, antennas and
propagation, etc. Most of the work was done for The IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.)
which is the world's leading professional association for the advancement of technology.

Since moving to UK in 1993 and becoming Mrs. Lumley she has been self-employed … she still works in publishing
as Brian's full time Literary Agent and in addition is the Secretary/Business Manager to Brian. Her favorite way to
pass the time is reading … when time allows.
Barbara Ann (Silky) Lumley: A Brief Biography